About Us

We look forward to solving your editing needs at PhotoTLC! Our team has more than 30 years of experience. We solve a large array of problems, turning your photos into lifelong treasures!

  • Did someone miss the family photo shoot? That’s ok, we’ll add them in!
  • Did someone close their eyes or sneeze? We can switch them out from another photo!
  • Would you like to change the background or select a new sky? We’ve got you covered!
  • Would you like to look a few years younger or a little slimmer? Let’s do it!
  • Remove trash, cars, telephone poles, people in the background? Done!
  • Do you have old damaged photos of ancestors? We can restore them!
  • Want to transform a portrait into a unique piece of art? Our artists can hand paint (digitally) your photos!

Our team can do so much than what’s listed above. If you’d like to check with us about a particular editing job, shoot us an email! We will treat your photos with the highest care and give you the best quality we possibly can!